Himeji and Tatsuno cities in Hyogo Prefecture are renowned for having the highest leather product production in Japan. The tradition of leather crafting in this region dates back to the Kamakura period, and over time, its exceptional quality has established it as a top production area.


From large-scale facilities to smaller workshops, over 200 factories populate this region. With numerous tanners gaining recognition in leather contests both within and outside Japan, it's a well-known hotspot for leather enthusiasts. The region's prosperity in leather production is further boosted by its abundant rivers.

Original Brass Buckle

We feature an original brass buckle, meticulously handcrafted using traditional methods by our artisans. No two are identical, offering a unique depth and charm that is signature to handcrafted items.

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Our belt stands out with its robust and premium feel, made from exceptionally thick leather. Despite the declining production of thick raw hides in recent years, our collaboration with the renowned HIMEJI LEATHER has made it possible to produce such substantial products.

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Just like jeans, enjoy the graceful aging of this belt over time. It's the perfect authentic original leather belt to complement your jeans.