Collection: Flagship model RARE

Embodying the philosophy of [Quality Comes First], BIG JOHN presents its RARE JEANS - a true representation of jeans in their purest form. A long-seller since the early 80s, igniting Japan's vintage denim boom, these jeans have become a cornerstone of Japanese culture, popularizing the concept of "jeans that grow with you" both nationally and internationally.

Under the supervision of the vintage denim pioneer, Kyoshi Sakamoto of Sakamoto Denim, these jeans are dyed exclusively with pure indigo. The color and fade, referred to as "the ultimate blue" by Sakamoto himself, are a testament to his hundreds, if not thousands, of hours spent in perfecting this hue.

Denim Detail
Each pair is meticulously crafted using a single-stitch (honnu) sewing method. This technique, requiring more than double the usual steps, beautifully captures the essence of vintage aesthetics. Combining high craftsmanship with attention to silhouette, fit, and durability, these jeans are arguably a luxury item.

Brown Selvedge
Featuring BIG JOHN's original cotton thread ‘BJ-1’ and the 8mm narrow seam brown selvedge, these jeans are designed to age gracefully. The tuck buttons, replicating vintage iron, develop a unique rust over time, contributing to the jeans' aging process.

Pocket Detail
The sturdy and thick pocket fabric bears two stamps, signifying the pinnacle of RARE jeans and the mark of Sakamoto Denim.

Rivet and Button Detail
Rivets and buttons are reinforced with leather rings, not only preventing them from coming loose but also reducing the strain on the fabric. This is a testament to BIG JOHN's unwavering commitment to quality.

Experience the culmination of Japanese craftsmanship and an obsession with detail in BIG JOHN's RARE JEANS.