Collection: RARE

BIG JOHN's flagship model "RARE"


RARE is a pair of jeans that achieves "Quality Comes First". This is a long seller that created the vintage denim movement in Japan and continues to be sold today. This product has made "aging denim" popular in Japan.

RARE レア  日本にビンテージブームを巻き起こした究極のモデル


Supervised by Sakamoto Denim, the founder of vintage denim. Mr. Sakamoto, who has been studying indigo for many years, called it "the best indigo" and you can enjoy its beautiful color and fading.

BIG JOHN RARE レア究極のヴィンテージデニムジーンズ


We use only single stitches to finish the garment. This process takes more than twice as long as normal sewing, but it produces a beautiful "face" like vintage. The silhouette, the fit, and the durability are all meticulously designed with high technology. The silhouette is authentic, yet sharp overall. The style matches both casual and chic outfits.

As Big John, we want to provide jeans that can be worn every day for a long time. This is our wish. Please enjoy Japanese craftsmanship and craftsmen's excessive attention to detail.


RARE SELVAGE セルビッチ Japanese Vintage

It features brown selvage made from Big John's original cotton yarn [BJ-1].

BIG JOHN RARE Japanese vintage denim ビンテージデニム

The trim is a reproduction of iron buttons. It will rust a little by little with use.

RARE SAKAMOTO denim坂本デニム

Durable and thick pocket cloth is stamped with two inscriptions: RARE and Sakamoto Denim.

RARE デニムの最高峰 BIG JOHN JEANS ビッグジョン

The back of the rivets and buttons are reinforced with leather rings. These rings serve to reduce the burden on the fabric. This is BIG JOHN's way of making sure you can wear good things for a long time.


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