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23oz Super Heavy Denim

Introducing our original denim, crafted using thick weaving yarns that result in a dense and robust fabric. This exquisite masterpiece has been expertly sewn by skilled artisans, evident in the weight that can be felt the moment you hold it in your hands.

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Flagship Model "RARE"

Introducing RARE, a pair of jeans that embodies the ethos of "Quality Comes First". It's a timeless classic that spearheaded the vintage denim movement in Japan and still continues to be sold today.

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We have gathered carefully selected organic cotton from five continents and created a special weaving thread with our own unique blend.

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Loose Jeans

Jeans with a relaxed silhouette evoke the style of the 90s. By using stretch denim, they have evolved even further, becoming a chill and relaxed product that you can just chill out in.

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Hyper Stretch Jeans

Hyper Stretch Jeans is our super versatile Jeans for all life conditions.

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