EXTRA XXXX 5大陸オーガニックデニム



The pentagon, the symbol of BIG JOHN, has the meaning of "Sending jeans that people love and appreciate to the five continents of the world. This is the meaning behind the pentagon. In honor of this pentagon, we have gathered carefully selected organic cotton from five continents and created a special weaving thread with our own unique blend.


European continent 25% (Turkish cotton from Turkey)
- Long cotton, supple and smooth, with a lustrous and stiff texture

South America 50% (Aspero cotton from Peru)
- Thick fiber, elasticity and moisture absorption

North America: 10% (Supima cotton from Texas)
- Super long cotton with beautiful silky luster and high strength

Asian continent 5% (Indian cotton from India)
- Long and fine fiber, contains oil and has a luster.

African continent 5% (Tanzanian cotton from Tanzania)
- High strength with moderate firmness and fullness.

Big john  80周年  オーガニックコットン
The photo shows the label that is attached to organic cotton when it is imported.

In addition to these cottons from five continents collected by BIG JOHN, we also use a small amount of recycled cotton (5%) to create a vintage look and feel, all of which is organic*. This unique blend of cotton has become the one and only raw material that is both durable and comfortable to wear.
*OCS certification

  • Natural uneven yarn that cannot be produced by design

Today, technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to create unevenness by design, but for the "5 Continents Organic Denim", with the cooperation of Taisho Boseki, we aimed to create a natural texture that cannot be expressed by programming.

奇跡の五大陸 Organic Cotton ブレンド

  • Must be True indigo and rope dyed.

We are particular about the indigo color of hon-ai (natural indigo) and pursue the deep indigo color of nature. Since the indigo does not produce a deep indigo color as quickly as synthetic indigo, we had to repeat the dyeing process until we reached a satisfactory indigo color. As a result, the deep indigo color that we were looking for was completed by dyeing the rope 16 times. It took more than three times as much time and effort as usual to achieve perfection.

本藍ロープ染色 スペシャルデニム 本藍 インディゴ

In order to make beautiful fading of jeans, we had to use rope dyeing* that leaves the center of the yarn white while producing a deep color. The indigo dyeing material is not suitable for rope dyeing, but with the cooperation of Sakamoto Denim, we were able to achieve this by researching the indigo itself.
(*Normally, indigo is dyed in a method called "kase dyeing," which involves dyeing the core.

Big John x 坂本デニム Special Selvage / Japanese indigo

  • The production volume is only a dozen meters per day on vintage looms.

Using a shuttle loom from the 1920s, of which there are only a few in existence, the fabric is woven slowly and slowly at a low tension. 15.8 ounces, the fabric is one of the heaviest, but over time it becomes fluffy and textured with a unique uneven surface.

旧式力織機 BIG JOHNシャトル織機 坂本デニム

Using unique materials that are unparalleled in the world, we took our time to create a warm and beautiful material. A special original denim has been completed.


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