• Organic cotton selvedge denim.
    • Rope dyed natural indigo denim.
    • Authentic 2pocket design
    • 15.8oz Denim

    A Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) is included as an extra item. (Indigo dyed).

    000 Rigid (Raw)

    Indigo selvedge
    Back Embroidery
    Jacquard Pocket Cloth (BIG JOHN logo pattern)
    Iron Donut Buttons (BIG JOHN★1940★)
    Copper rivets (BIG JOHN mark)
    Original nude cowhide leather patch
    Original Rayon Label

    15.8oz natural indigo selvedge denim (100% cotton)

    The denim fabric is a blend of five types of organic cotton from five continents.

    1. European continent: Turkish organic cotton from Turkey
    2. South America: Aspero organic cotton from Peru
    3. North America: Supima organic cotton from Texas
    4. Asia: India organic cotton from India
    5. Africa: Tanzanian organic cotton from Tanzania

    In addition, 5% recycled organic cotton (OCS certified) is blended.

    Vintage Structure Yarn
    Taisho Spinning Co.

    100% natural indigo
    Indigo rope dyed 16 times (Sakamoto Denim's first attempt)
    Sakamoto Denim Co.

    Vintage power loom
    Original indigo ears (same indigo yarn used in the finished product)
    Shinya Co.

    Made in JAPAN

    *This product may shrink, fade, or shift color when washed.
    *Do not tumble dry.
    *Before washing, please check the product tag for the quality label mark.
    *Do not use chlorine bleach.

    The size is measured with the product lying flat.

  • $520.00